From Frozen to Flowing


This year winter just seems to be stuck in a cycle of freeze and thaw. This blog is written on a day that has reached 7 degrees but tomorrow the snow is set to once again cover the land that has just thawed from the last fall and temperatures set to plunge to take Rothiemurchus back into a winter wonderland.


In the meantime the countryside has returned to its colourful self and the water is once more flowing down the rivers. The trees this time are not frozen in time but are having a bath!


Frozen in Time


Winter has stuck with us over the last week. As much of the UK falls into a freeze, Rothiemurchus becomes frozen in time. The big snow falls of last week shown in this picture above where our Ranger van was going nowhere when this photo was taken, provided its own challenges!


The snowfall has now dried up but the temperatures have tumbled into minus double digits and nature appears to have slowed down with the temperature drop. Large expansive areas of water such as Loch an Eilein (shown with Loch an Eilein Castle in the picture) and boggy areas home to young pine trees have become islands in the ice.




The White Stuff!

IMG_0071 IMG_0077

Winter has truly arrived here at Rothiemurchus. These pictures were taken early on Tuesday, a day that ended up seeing a whole lot more snow later in the afternoon / evening.


The maintenance and Ranger team were out doing there best to keep areas open by snow clearing although the snow was lying back down as quick as they were clearing it! There weren’t many people venturing out in the white out conditions!!


A patrolling we will go…a patrolling we will go!


Some would say that working outside in the winter can be a tough, bleak and a cold task! Yes of course there are days when the weather is not on your side and there is an element of reluctance within everyone to head outside and brave the conditions but these are met with equally beautiful days where the winter sun is out and a cold crisp air fills the lungs! This was certainly the case recently when one of our Countryside Rangers took to the path network to patrol and inspect the path condition, interact with visitors and survey what wildlife was out and about.

We know what you are thinking…the Rothiemurchus Ranger Team have a great job! Why not come and join us here at Rothiemurchus and take a walk along one of our many paths and enjoy what we get to be within everyday.

IMG_0052 IMG_0054

Looking back: Flooding in 2014 @ Rothiemurchus


“Row Row Row your Boat” certainly comes to mind when looking at these pictures! There is two sides to the experience we had in October. Firstly there is the hidden excitement in everyone at the event that is unfolding in front of their eyes (as long as no one is at risk which they weren’t). Mother nature truly is amazing and the power that it can produce is mesmorising.


Then the excitement turns into realisation at the damage that will lie underneath the water waiting for us. Water run-off affected several paths on Rothiemurchus but the main flood damage was as the Fishery These pictures are mainly taken from the Fishery looking into the car park (hard to believe isn’t it!). The end result is that the main bridge over the Druie river taking you to the Fishery ponds collapsed due to not only the pressure from the water but a build up of debris that came from up river and got trapped at the bridge.

Due to this extensive damage of the bridge and inside the Fishery itself we have had to close the Fishery until all the repairs have been made which should be sometime in the Spring once the winter weather has settled down.