Hello Heron Hide!


Rothiemurchus is known for its beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife. In recent years and through careful planning the estate has slowly started to develop its eco-tourism by developing opportunities to watch some of the wildlife up close in a responsible and limited capacity. Osprey photography is by far the main attraction for photographers that come to Rothiemurchus but during this activity another common visitor to the area, the heron, has caused quite a stir and to many are very photogenic.

From this autumn we hope to be able to offer heron photography providing a low level photographic experience with a beautiful backdrop. Before all this can happen we have called upon the maintenance team (somehow got the A-team theme tune in my head as I write this!). These guys really are the cogs that make the wheel turn on the estate. Whether it be estate paths, fences or photography hides the maintenance team are always on the go helping to make the place look nice!


What you looking at?!!

What you looking at?!!

I think this female red deer doesn’t like getting her picture taken! The Rothiemurchus Ranger team regular head to the deer farm with visitors to give them an up close hands on experience of red deer with the chance of hand feeding them. This picture was taken recently where the deer found the land rover before we could get further into the deer farm…they are getting clever at causing a road block on the track! Great fun for all ages and even the rangers can’t stop themselves from hand feeding!

The Spring has been sprung on Rothiemurchus


In keeping with the wet winter that we have all being experiencing the maintenance team had a water challenge of their own. Our car park surface at Loch an Eilein was holding water causing the surface itself to break up with the flow of traffic. A challenge never too big for our team they managed to source a natural spring nearby and re-direct the water away from the car park itself. It just shows in amongst their tea breaks that work does get done (just kidding guys!)! Loch an Eilein is the honey pot of Rothiemurchus where the vast majority of visitors coming to Rothiemurchus venture for a relaxing walk round the loch (3.1miles). With views of the loch, the Cairngorms and set in amongst tranquil forest Loch an Eilein really does provide a perfect setting for all the family to enjoy the beautiful countryside that we have around us.

Classic LAE

Festive Fun had by all……….


Ah…. the holiday blues are setting in as the reality of January takes hold of us all! Rothiemurchus enjoyed a fantastic festive period with  both staff and visitor in great spirits amidst the stormy weather that seemed to continuously batter the land. It may not have been very wintery outside but we made sure that we made it as Christmassy inside as possible! Now that Santa has been…roll on the Easter Bunny!




A New Year Stroll through Rothiemurchus……..


After the celebrations of seeing in 2014 what a better way to welcome the first morning of the new year with a walk on Rothiemurchus. The rangers carry out monthly patrols throughout the estate checking on path condition, wildlife and litter as well as general checks and interacting with the public. This patrol took us up the Lairig Ghru path providing beautiful wintery vistas of the surrounding area. Shelter was very much welcomed through the Ancient Caledonian pine forest on the way back down!


All of us here at Rothiemurchus wish you all a very healthy, fun and prosperous 2014 and hope to you see in Rothiemurchus at some stage during 2014!

A Festive Feast….for the deer!

A Festive Feast....for the deer!

Well, if we can have lovely nibbles and treats at Christmas why can’t the deer? Pictured are our resident farmed red deer getting the equivalent to a chocolate bar for a treat seeing as it’s Christmas! Why not come along and feed them yourself this festive break? Call 0479 812345 to book onto one of our guided feed the deer visits!