Fungi Times

It is well into the mushroom season now and all different types of mushrooms have flourished since early June. Mushrooms really add something extra special into the landscape during these months – extra depth to an already very rich environment of plants, trees and wildlife. From the renowned red and white toad stool (Fly Agaric) mushrooms to the more subtle brown and white ceps (porcini) the list is endless.


We ask anyone that is picking mushrooms whilst out on Rothiemurchus to be aware and look at the Scottish Wild Mushroom code (

Fishing Frenzy!

The Rothiemurchus Fishery has always been a popular place for our visitors. Whether it be children trying fishing for the first time or experienced anglers coming for a days sport, the fishery provides an experience for all abilities.

The fishery is regularly stocked and anglers got to see it for themselves the other day when the big fishing loch was stocked with some tremendous looking fish. A large portion of the fish were 10lbs and over!


Needless to say is got everyone excited at the prospect of catching one of them. Anglers set to it mobilising themselves in what they thought was the perfect location.

A few hours later the first large fish was caught weighing in at 10.75lbs.

fish 2

Deer glorious deer!

deer 3

The summer months are a time to look out for our native red deer with their beautiful rich red coats. It is also a chance to see the calves running around in their white spotted coats. Our deer farm provides a great opportunity to get up close to these beautiful creatures, an experience never to be forgotten.


deer 6

Behind the scenes Rothiemurchus staff get the deer pens cleaned out on a regular basis, these shelters are very important especially during the winter months to help protect the young calves from the often harsh weather conditions that this area can be subjected to. 

Deer pen 3

Reflections in Nature


Carrying out evening fire patrols on Rothiemurchus do not get much better than yesterday evening. Flat calm conditions, mild and most importantly no fires meant that this view could be enjoyed even more by one of our rangers!

This is Lochan Mor or better known by the many visitors who come here as the Lilly loch. It is on one of our promoted walks –  circular 3 mile route with scenic areas like this to appreciate along the way.

The woods are coming alive……

The woods are coming alive......

This photo although a week or two late on being posted is still a sign that the forest of Rothiemurchus is becoming more alive as we increasingly head towards summer. Wood Anemone is one of the first plants to flower during spring and it instantly gives the area a much needed facelift after winter!